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Figured Out Taxes on Your Crypto Gains?

Chukchi #9

Today we're diving into a learning series that will help you understand your cryptocurrency taxes, a crypto club led by women, how The Hundreds is getting into NFTs, feeling objects in the Metaverse, and Glacier National Park’s study on Wolverines.


LEARNING SERIES #9: Understanding your cryptocurrency taxes

In the United States, cryptocurrency is deemed a digital asset and the IRS treats it like stocks, bonds, and other capital assets. Taxpayers in the US are required to report sales, conversions, payments, and income. With tax day right around the corner, this learning series will help you understand your cryptocurrency taxes.



Check to see if your answer is correct at the bottom of this email.

On average how much does a male beluga whale weigh? A. 3,307 lbs B. 5,160 lbs C. 2,895 lbs D. 4,500 lbs


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CRYPTO: Crypto, for cool girls

Deana Burke, co-founder of Boys Club is hoping to change the fact that the NFT, blockchain, and cryptocurrency community is dominated primarily by men. Burke and her co-founders want Boys Club to behave as a “soft landing” for women and non-binary people who want to learn more about this space.


NFT: The Hundreds release the Adam Bomb Squad

An NFT project called Adam Bomb Squad consists of 25,000 unmatched combinations of bombs and unique backgrounds from two decades of history. The Hundreds, founded by Bobby Kim leverages a cartoon rendition of an Atom Bomb to build one of the most popular streetwear brands of a generation. Owning an Adam Bomb NFT gets you a membership card bringing you perks directly in the Adam Bomb Squad and their community.


EMERGING TECH: Feeling objects in the Metaverse

Meta Reality Labs has prototyped a glove that will allow users to feel objects in virtual reality. The glove is made of small air pockets called actuators. The development of these gloves is still underway but once they are perfected you could own a pair of your own!


LOCAL: Wolverine study in Glacier National Park

The first study on wolverines in the lower 48 states happened in Glacier National Park from 2002 to 2008. Research on one of the rarest animals in North America is back underway in Glacier National Park. This research is aiming to look at how these rare and ferocious little animals act and live in Glacier National Park.




Trivia Answer


On average a male beluga whale weighs 3,307 pounds and a female beluga whale weighs 2,998 pounds on average.



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