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Goodbye Daylight Savings Time

Chukchi #8

This week we’re talking the lighting network and how it works, bitcoin privacy, the first official Notorious B.I.G. NFT collection, digital smells in the Metaverse, the MSU bobcats mens basketball team headed to the NCAA tournament and daylight saving time becoming permanent? All that and more in the eighth edition of the Chukchi.

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LEARNING SERIES #8: What is the Lightning Network?

The Lightning Network is designed to make bitcoin transactions faster and cheaper. It’s part of a newer class of crypto technologies known as “layer 2” blockchains (think of it as a fast pass at an amusement park). By offloading some transaction “traffic” to the Lightning Networks “layer 2” blockchain, the core Bitcoin blockchain, or “layer 1” can move faster.



Check to see if your answer is correct at the bottom of this email.

How long are female Beluga whales pregnant for?

A. 9 months

B. 4 months

C. 14 months

D. 2 years


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CRYPTO: The long road to bitcoin privacy

Like other bitcoiners, Odell a Privacy advocate, full time bitcoiner and co-host of "Tales from the Crypt," wants to make bitcoin better for anyone in a disadvantaged position – even if that might benefit money launders. In this interview with coindesk: Matt Odell discusses CoinJoins, privacy coins and “canaries.”


NFT: First Official Notorious B.I.G. NFT Collection

The first official Notorious B.I.G. NFT collection was announced last Wednesday, with a portion of the ensuing proceeds set to be put toward the Christopher Wallace Memorial Foundation. The collection sees Green Web3 celebrating Biggie’s life and legacy in partnership with the late artist’s estate for a collection that will be minted on Tezos.

Additional info on the collection will be unveiled soon, though a landing page is already live and provides fans with the option to sign up for future updates on the project.


EMERGING TECH: Digital smells in the Metaverse

You could be smelling roses in the Metaverse soon. Hardware makers are beginning to improve upon the classic design challenges of scent-based virtual reality. Cartridge-based headset attachments emit scents near the nose, and delivery technology allows smells to dissipate more naturally. Systems are currently being tried in healthcare and training environments.


LOCAL: Bobcats headed to NCAA tournament

The Montana State men's basketball team will be a No. 14 seed in the West region of the upcoming NCAA tournament. The Bobcats won their first Big Sky Conference tournament championship since 1996 on Saturday, gaining an automatic bid into the NCAA tournament. It will be the fourth-ever appearance in the tournament for the Bobcats. MSU will take on No. 3 Texas Tech on Friday, March 18 in San Diego.

Go Bobcats!




Trivia Answer


For beluga whales, gestation (pregnancy) lasts for approximately 14 months, followed by a nursing period of around 18 months. Because of lengthy pregnancies and calves’ reliance on their mothers, females only reproduce approximately every 3 years!



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