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No More Sharing Netflix Passwords

Chukchi #13

This week in the Chukchi:

  • Decentralized apps and how they will be used

  • Strike integrates with Shopify

  • Mastercard files 15 metaverse and NFT-related trademarks

  • Mercedes-Benz revealed its first electric SUV

  • MSU’s new American Indian Hall earns the highest LEED certification


LEARNING SERIES #13: What are decentralized apps?

Decentralized applications (dApps) are applications that run on top of blockchain networks. They avoid centralized servers to transact in a distributed and peer-to-peer (P2P) fashion as opposed to using the central HTTP protocol to communicate.

With the heightened trend toward dApps, it’s probable that finance, gaming, online markets, and social media will adopt blockchain-incorporated dApps.



Check to see if your answer is correct at the bottom of this email. How many beluga whales are still kept in captivity throughout the world? A. 20 B. 100 C. 5000 D. 300


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CRYPTO: Strike integrates with Shopify to enable bitcoin payments to merchants

Strike, a digital payments platform built on the Bitcoin Lightning Network, recently partnered with Shopify to allow its merchants to receive bitcoin payments from customers. With this integration, Shopify merchants can receive the bitcoin as U.S dollars cheaper and faster than ever before.

Anyone with a Lighting Network Wallet will be able to pay for groceries or retail shopping with immediate settlement over Lightning, at most large retailers.


NFT: Mastercard files 15 metaverse and NFT-related trademarks

Mastercard is the latest global giant to venture into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the metaverse. The payments giant has filed 15 trademark applications ranging from downloadable music files backed by NFTs to an NFT marketplace.

Indicating plans for

- NFT backed media

- Payment processing in the Metaverse

- Marketplaces for digital goods + NFTs

- E-commerce transactions in the Metaverse


EMERGING TECH: Mercedes-Benz revealed its first electric SUV

The new EQS SUV offers up to 373 miles of range and up to 536 horsepower with features such as a "hyperscreen," three displays under a single, 56-inch piece of curved glass with an augmented-reality display that stretches across the cabin, plush air suspension, heated and ventilated seats, 64-color ambient lighting, third-row seating, noise-canceling insulation, and entertainment screens for rear-seat passengers. It will go on sale in the US this year and start at more than $100,000.

All of this luxury may help Mercedes battle Tesla's Model X.


LOCAL: MSU’s new American Indian Hall becomes the first building in Montana to earn LEED Platinum certification

Montana State University’s new American Indian Hall has become the first building in Montana to earn LEED Platinum certification under version 4.1, the highest-ranking using the United States Green Building Council’s sustainability rating system.

Walter Fleming, director of MSU’s Department of Native American Studies had to say “It was always our mantra that if any building on campus needed to be LEED Platinum, it was important for the American Indian Hall to earn that,”. “It is so consistent with the Native traditional practices not to leave anything to waste; to use all parts of the bison, for example. What is also important is the statement that a building does not have to sacrifice its cultural significance in order to exceed modern standards of construction.”




Trivia Answer


Belugas are held in marine parks and aquaria in at least 13 different countries, with the highest numbers in Canada, China, Japan, Russia, Ukraine and the US. There are thought to be well over 300 belugas in captivity in these and other countries.



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