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How Joogi Works

Click through to learn how CrowdFunds, Auctions, and winning works with Joogi.

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CrowdFund Begins

Item is listed in CrowdFunds, and becomes available for funding. Getting in early on an item pays dividends with Joogis. 

Read some FAQs

Joogi is a gamified marketplace that combines crowdfunding, auctions and gaming with its own virtual currency called Joogis.

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  • Can I take my money out of a CrowdFund?
    Once you fund a CrowdFund item, you cannot retract your contribution. Joogis will be added to your account for you to use to bid on Auction items.
  • Can I take my Joogis out of an Auction I contributed to?
    Once you bid Joogis at Auction, you cannot retract them. However, if you do not win the Auction, you get to keep all of your bid Joogis for use at future Auctions.
  • Why would I use Joogi instead of going to buy the item at retail price?
    Joogi enables any individual a chance to win items at a very low cost, often below retail price. Remember, the amount you contribute at the CrowdFund stage gives you more or less Joogis based on your contribution amount, giving you a better chance at winning the item at Auction.
  • Do you get your Joogis back if you lose at Auction?
    Yes, if you do not have the highest bid at Auction you get to keep all of your Joogis you may have bid for use in future Auctions.
  • Does Joogi have 'real-world' value?
    Starting with the Joogi app launching in 2022, Joogis are used only within the Joogi app. We do have ambitions to create a larger, self-sustaining economy, so stay involved!
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